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If your considering adopting or fostering a horse for the project...

To Foster A Horse:
You need to have a suitable area for the horse and be able to provide daily love and care. Fostering is basically the same as adopting the horse, only, you do not have to pay any cost for the horse and the horse is still owned by the project. Your roll is to love and care for the horse until the horse is adopted.

To Adopt A Horse From The Project: 
Before considering to adopt a horse, you need to be able to afford the expences of a horse, which include feed, vetting, wormer, farrier services, ect. You also need to have a suitable area to keep your horse in and be able to provide daily care. You also need to know how to correctly care for and handle a horse. Adopting a horse is just like buying a horse, except better!  Also, you can never sell the horse, but give him/her back to the project when you are no longer able to care for the horse. Adoption fees depend on how much we paid for the horse and the cost of the care it needed. The Money will go towards another project next year, to care for the horses still in the project, or to CNEER as a donation.

Love is one of the best gifts you can offer

General Requirements

Care Giver/Owner:

  • Patient
  • Loving
  • Able to give daily care
  • Responcible
  • and.... patient.

Housing and Care:
  • Safely Fenced in Paddock
  • Shelter (from three sided run in to a stable)
  • Able to feed and hay 2 times Daily
  • Wormed on time
  • Fresh water source 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Medical care when needed


All Horses Fostered or adopted will be checked on at random and removed from property if found to be mistreated in any way.