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This spring...

We are going to go to the "kill pen"* at Crowley's Horse Auction.  At the kill  pen we are going to save as many horses as we have money for (about 1 horse for every $500 we save). From there we will bring the horses that we buy to Central New England Equine Rescue where they will be kept for a few weeks to quarantine them for diseases. There they will recieve the medical attention that they need. From there they will be placed in homes. Please see our adoption page if you are interested. Thankyou!
*(The Kill Pen is the last hope for many horses before heading to the slaughter house. for more info:  or by looking up "kill pen" on or take a look at our "kill pen" page)

To make a donation please send to:
Alicia Quigley
P.O. box 415
Hardwick, MA  01037